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Project | 01
Music for Medicine

Music for medicine is a non profit organization founded by Millie Diaz that funds service trips, medical brigades, hospital fundings, medical equipment and much more to the underprivileged by hosting musical concerts where donations are raised. Our overall mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the tools necessary to every patient so they may receive adequate care.

Project | 02

While being the Public Relations intern at We Are Jersey Magazine I have also had the opportunity to interview artists signed to major record labels, such as Universal Music Group and Def Jam Records, and write articles about them on the magazines main website. These articles have also been featured on the labels social media sites. 

Project | 03
Word for Word​


Word for Word is a web show hosted and produced by Millie Diaz in partnership with We Are Jersey Magazine where rising artists are interviewed on their background, career goals, and music. 

Project | 04
Decoding the Pink Tax

This is a blog that I designed and created for my DCIM minor. The goal of this blog is to insight thought, inspire other women, and to challenge traditional norms set for women in our society. Here I update readers with news geared towards women, music by women, and lifestyle tips for women!

Project | 05
Right Now/Mental Stream
BRNZED is a media company dedicated to bringing awareness to issues that are most relevant to our society and we take pride in presenting it in a contemporary, comprehensible manner. By fusing mainstream media, and contemporary artists/influencers with these topics I was able to produce and host "Right Now', which is a podcast were we engage in these open discussions.  "Mental Stream", is where we host this discussion with modern artists/influencers.